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Hey everyone...Welcome to my home page. I'm just updating this after literally years and am trying to decide what I want in it. First this greeting. Before I had sort of a cutesy "Hi everyone!" theme going on, but I've outgrown the whole "nice" thing. So I need something else. Maybe something humerous. I thought about putting in a corny joke, but I don't want the hate mail. Then I thought about a pic of something that people usually laugh out, but the politicians won't let me use their pics. And mirrors don't work through the internet. Well, I give up. I think I'll just go ahead and skip the humorous beginning...and spare y'all the pain. I guess I have to do the old cutesy thing, but I am abbreviating it... Hi, welcome to here. Have fun. Try not to be too scared. Don't break anything. Don't sue me. Send e-mail. Bye. -Melanie

Me, five years ago. Since then, I've grown 6 inches, dyed my hair purple, and become a small Latino man. But other than that, I look pretty much the same. I'll post a new one when I get a new scanner and know, one that isn't powered by four small mice running on a wheel in the CPU>:

WHAT I WAS: I am an 20 year old junior in sunny Florida. My majors are business and psychology, but I'm still not sure where I'm headed, any suggestions??? These are some of the things that I do in my life: I will shock all of you by saying chatting...also I love to exercise, just hanging out with my friends, reading, sci-fi, NASA and the stars, and karate...and many many other things, but those are the highlights... WHAT I AM: Older (22), Smarter, Hopefully Cuter, In Advertising (so more ruthless). I no longer have a chatting addiction (I've decided to expand and spend my time developing an alcohol problem) I still exrcise a ton, hang out with my friends, read, I always will love sci-fi (and things from my home planet)...NASA is still da bomb anmd I like karate although I haven't done it for a while. New things I do: Zippola. Wait, that doesn't sound too good...four years have passed and it looks terrible I don't have anything to say for it? I have to at least make up some things. Well, I now have really expensive pieces of paper (my degrees) Oh, and I'm an aspiring writer...I wrote a book, but it's not published yet (still working on my blackmill and bribary schemes but no luck yet) And I am writing another book. It was originally titled "Alien Pickles Who Came to Earth To Be On Who Wants to be a Millionaire" but because of copywrite infringment laws I am going to choose another title and subject. I'll keep you posted.

WHAT I SAID BEFORE: Now enough about me...I've made this homepage to be a tribute to all of the people and things I love...I hope that you enjoy it and don't forget to sign in....*smile* I love you all and hope that all of you are happy and healthy... Love, Melanie WHAT I SAY NOW: (sniff sniff) That was so sweet, I don't have the heart to change it. Ok, I'll pretend I'm still that sweet person. But just this once. Don't get used to it. Enjoy my web site. Send money.

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